Two generations of our family care for and work with dogs. We have in the past had the pleasure of owning several terrier, working, hound, and herding breeds. We now focus on two breeds – border terriers and papillons. Both breeds have wonderful qualities which align with our interests and lifestyles.

Based in central Illinois and northwestern Indiana, family members Cynthia Nichols, Laura Nichols Hooser, and Blair Hooser, share responsibilities for our border terriers and papillons in our homes. It’s a family affair! We consider ourselves to be stewards of our breeds, working to ensure standards of excellence and contributing in a small way to the long-term viability of the breeds. Collectively Laura and Blair have decades of equine experience in dressage. They apply these insights to the assessment of our dogs in terms of conformation and movement. We are striving to develop physically and mentally sound dogs that are suitable for all types of homes and functions, whether it is exhibiting in the conformation ring, excelling in performance sports, or thriving as a loving companion.

We regularly seek out continuing education by enrolling in workshops, taking online courses, studying research and data, and talking with veteran dog enthusiasts. We are members of border terrier and papillon national and regional breed clubs. Two members of our family circle are DVMs with PhDs focused on veterinary medicine. Blair is currently enrolled in veterinary school; in a few years we will happily add another veterinarian to our family. 

Supporting the wider canine community is also a priority for us. Both Cynthia and Laura currently serve on the boards of state federations dedicated to the promotion of the health and well-being of all dogs and supporting responsible dog ownership. Both are also AKC legislative liaisons for their respective local all-breed clubs. Blair and Cynthia also serve as AKC canine ambassadors for their local clubs. All of us regularly volunteer time in support of dog shows, as well as agility, obedience, barn hunt, and scent work trials and events. Our local clubs offer public education programs and community canine health days.

We do offer stud services in some circumstances. 

We are always happy to share information and talk with you about these great breeds.